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A Big Kiss Goodbye to 2016

A Big Kiss Goodbye to 2016

2016 has been one hell of a year. 366 days in total with the leap year, and I've been tested in ways I could have never imagined. My life went from predictable and stable yet stale, to disorderly and emotional yet beautiful. There is a kind of chaotic synchronicity that comes along with great change in life. All things happen for a reason, but with big change comes a non-refundable, non-negotiable ticket on the roller-coaster of emotion.

It’s no secret that many people were hit hard this year both professionally and personally, and I was certainly no exception. The year started off with heartbreak and hard feelings. A toxic relationship ended and even though it was a fresh new year, I was forced to pick myself up and put myself back together again. Some say I am an open person to a fault; I am driven by human connection and interpersonal relationships. I expose so much of myself in hopes of getting that emotional stimulation in return, but many times opening up so easily leaves me vulnerable and disposable. It’s why I love being on the radio so much, but being a personality in public media also has its pitfalls. A few months into the year, I was shown the door of the company I spent 6 loyal years with. Although it stung at first, it was truly one of the biggest opportunities to come my way in a long time. I was free of any constraints, and even though it scared the bejeezus out of me, I knew I could write the remainder of 2016 any way I wanted to. Roam the globe, fall in love, fill my cup, drink it up. Make new friends, take some risks, keep my head up, refuse to give up.

--- Canada, USA, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Japan, England, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Ireland ---

I travelled to 42 cities in 18 different countries, which included 33 flights, 4 days in hospital and countless hours with some of the amazing people from all across the world. My heart smiles when I think of all the life-long friends I’ve made even despite the miles apart. I feel intellectually enriched with the experiences I’ve had and all the things I’ve seen, and although my bank account is metaphorically crying, I don’t regret a thing.

So here we are, the last day of 2016, and my chin is up despite the hardships. I am still jobless after several promising opportunities fell through, but I know the best is yet to come and will be worth the wait. My heart is slightly heavy from a recent situation where I was used and thrown away like an old toy, but I refuse to let that shake my confidence. It’s been amazing watching friends and family members progress in life; from weddings to babies to new jobs and big travels, I genuinely love hearing about what makes your lives rich.

In 2017 I plan to try and see the good in people, despite being let down in the past. I will work my ass off to make the biggest impact I can with the opportunities I’m given. I will take risks and stop being so goddamn cautious. I will keep in touch, and make a better effort. I plan to take better care of myself, and stop over-thinking the things that truly don’t matter. And last but not least, I will learn from my mistakes and keep my head up even though things are less than ideal to end the year.

Things I’ve learned:

- The best of friends come in the most unsuspecting packages.

- Don’t drink the milk in Indonesia.

- Some people just simply suck. Cut them out and move on.

- A butt tuba backwards is still a butt tuba.

Things I still don’t understand:

- Why people still think that more likes on social media converts to sustainable happiness.

- Why people eat donair meat.

- Why shitty people get ahead in life.

- Why we still don’t have the high-tech toilets like they do in Japan.

I am determined to find an answer to all of the above in 2017. For now, a big kiss goodbye to 2016 - a bloody trivial year, if I don’t say so myself. I am excited for all the adventures to come in the new year, and I wish you the absolute best in 2017. So cheers to that! Happy New Year ya rascals!


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