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DAMN, it feels GOOD to be back!

The last few weeks of my life have been absolutely b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I managed to move my entire life across the country, survived my first week on the air at a new station, and somehow managed to keep my sh*t together (with the exception of a few semi-dramatic meltdowns). Haha.

First off, I want to say that my time in Alberta was quite the ride; so many ups and downs, but I am thankful for all the opportunities and the incredible people I was lucky enough to surround myself with. There are a boatload of people that I am going to miss more than words can describe; you all made my life so much richer and I promise to do my best to keep in touch. But after 6 years of working for radio & TV stations in both Edmonton and Calgary, it was time to chase my dreams, big and small, and they simply just didn't involve Alberta any longer.

I packed up my little house in Edmonton (sold off everything from beds, to couches to treadmills), and hauled it back to my hometown of Saskatoon where most of it was put into storage. My next move? Plopped my vehicle on a shipping truck, put the remainder of my things on a moving truck, and booked myself a plane ticket to what would soon be my new home: London, Ontario!

Can I just say that moving across the country is quite possibly as stressful IF NOT MORE stressful than cutting off one's own big toe? Seriously, I don't know how I'm still sane... but we all know I am the type of person who risks EVERYTHING for that golden carrot dangling in the distance... you don't know until you just buck up and DO IT. Right!? Alas...

I have always felt there was a magnet in my heart pulling me towards Ontario. And not only that, but I was determined to find an opportunity that meshed with my life and allowed me to grow as a personality in the media industry. An opportunity soon came along on a station that plays the music I love, and a brand that dominates the industry on a global scale. So without further adieu..

I am BEYOND excited to be back live on the radio waves Midday's on London's #1 Hit Music Station- 97.5 Virgin Radio & Evenings on 105.3 Virgin Radio Kitchener!

Both stations encompass all of the things I've always wanted in a radio job since I began in this industry. They are MONSTERS in the market, everyone on staff are absolute beauties, and I look forward to making my mark in both of these cities for the next year and change.

(-- Shout out to Wendy and Dale, my amazing parents, for helping me in this time of transition. I love you both so much and I couldn't have managed without you. To my brother Brandt, his girlfriend Gabi, and my best friend Sam, I appreciate your help with this move more than you know.)

PS. I wish you could see my new pad, it's legit. Needless to say, life is good in my new London hood.



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